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I am available to supervise graduate students in any area of my research interests, which include philosophy of religion (especially topics related to the existence and attributes of God), philosophy of language and mind (especially topics related to reference and intentionality), and philosophy of mathematics (especially topics related to infinity, the nature of mathematical objects, and the problem of reference to mathematical objects).


I am also interested in projects in medieval Islamic philosophy (especially if they are related to one or more of the following: God, mathematics, logic, or Avicenna’s philosophy). However, I am NOT interested in projects whose primary aim is to explore (part of) the history of an idea (even if a philosophical one) without engaging in detailed philosophical analyses. I am fascinated by the details of the theories and arguments developed in medieval Islamic philosophy, how they can be best formalised, and whether they actually work. The contemporary relevance of such theories and arguments is another thing I am very curious to know about.


If you are interested in doing a PhD under my supervision, please send me by email your CV, a brief research proposal, and a sample writing.


See this page for funding opportinites.

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